Jailaudit is a script to generate portaudit reports for jails running on a FreeBSD system.

From the portaudit manpage:

portaudit checks installed packages for known vulnerabilities and generates reports including references to security advisories. Its intended audience is system administrators and individual users.

Normally portaudit just creates reports for the Host-system or the jail it is installed in. With a large number of jails running on a system, installing and updating portaudit in every jail is time-consuming and error-prone. Jailaudit uses the portaudit installed in the Host-system to create a report for every jail.

The reports are appended to the daily security run and can be sent to a specific mail address, which allows the Host-system administrator to dispatch portaudit reports to the owners of jails, keeping them informed about potential security advisories of their installed ports.

Jailaudit can be used on FreeBSD 5.1 or larger.

Latest release: 1.3

Current version is available via subversion: svn://

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